Blueberry smiles

Up and writing this morning. Breaking off for a pancake breakfast cooked by Beth. She made some with slightly crazed blueberry smiles. Lorraine, John and I scarfing them, and plain ones with bacon and maple syrup, which was all rather delicious. After breakfast noticed a large fox, possibly a pregnant female relaxing in our garden. It seemed to appreciate the newly dug earth, and employed it as a lavatory.

Managed also to work on a poem, which if I say so myself, is one of the best I have written. So quite chuffed with that.

Also spoke to Mum. Lorraine and Beth off shopping, but I met up with them and John, his mum Krys and sister Jo who were down in Brighton today in Côte for a lunchtime bite, which was cheery.

I went back home, and Beth and Lorraine arrived later, armed with a new coat for Beth. From Côte to coat.

Below a Blueberry smile, the fox in question, and light through the side gate of the Pavilion Gardens.