A new start in an old haunt

A bit of a social media focus this morning, wrote a piece about a lovely poem I'd heard Sue Rose read a couple of weeks ago. Lorraine working at home today, and her  pal Tracey came around to do some work with her, bearing chocolate eclairs. Chocolate eclairs are a fine thing, and along with whisky, the occasional cheese sandwich were a basis of my Grandmother's diet in her last years.

Matty boy launched his brand new agency today, 11 London, and I find that I am an associate, so hopefully will be working with Matt and other chums like First Matie off and on this year.  The agency is based in Chiswick, and I got off at Turnham Green station, so it felt odd to be back somewhere so familiar. The meeting was above a bar restaurant on Chiswick High Road. Some familiar faces, including, naturally enough, Matty, First Matie, Stephen Buckley, and Freddy and April who I'd worked with at Tavistock Square, and some people new to me. A jolly kick off, and nice to meet some interesting new people including Yas, who amazingly enough set up a school in Sri Lanka with her husband. Also saw Isy, wee Elsa, Craig and Mel. Here is 11 London's website I find my name is on it too, which is nice as freelancing can feel a bit floaty at times.

Home slowly. Felt rather nostalgic catching a train home from Turnham Green. Much as I don't want to live in London again, you forget just how deeply the place ingrains itself in you. Just missed a train at Victoria and a lengthy schlepp home, being woken up when the train arrived at Brighton station by some kindly soul. Not done that for a while.  Into bed at around 2am after an undignified frenzy of toast and honey, but feeling distinctly cheery.