A night out with Sophie, Andros and Electra

A day of doing bits and bobs. Lorraine not feeling too well this morning with a stomach upset. I pottered about doing a few bits of house stuff, and feeding Lorraine tomato soup. She rallied later, luckily.

In the evening Lorraine, Beth and I hopped aboard the bus and collected Sophie, Andros and Electra from a hotel near the station. We found a place to have a cocktail and a chat, then into a little tapas place in Sidney Street which was crammed when we first got in there. Rather good food and Spanish wine to be had there too, as well as lessons on how to pronounce Pedro Ximénez the sweet sherry, (aka PX that Lorraine and I sometimes nip as a Crane Brothers treat)  a reduction of which was drizzled onto some ice cream at the end of my meal. Yum.

 I'd not seen Electra for a couple of years, and she's just had her 17th birthday and has changed from an a intelligent, funny girl into an intelligent, funny young woman. She is toying with studying anthropology, or perhaps philosophy at university. She and Betty got on well too, and Beth enjoyed meeting Sophie and Andros properly. Sophie recovering from having broken an ankle at the end of last year but otherwise in excellent spirits and it did my heart good to see her as ever.

Fascinating as ever to chat with Andros who has met so many amazing people over the years, having worked as Stanley Kubrick's personal assistant. He is absolutely not a name dropper, but interesting to ask him about The Shining, both book and film for example. He also knew Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr well too. Sophie, working as she does in PR for TV knows people too. Why don't I know famous people?

Fond farewells and Beth, Lorraine and I caught the bus back home, although were magentised briefly by The Basketmakers as we happened to be passing it. I blame Beth for this. Anyway, a cheery night out all round.

Below Sophie and I, Electra and Sophie, Beth, Andros and Lorraine.