Awoke with Brian treading on my head, and discovered I had what I suspect was a hangover after last night's liveliness in London. Nevertheless I roused myself to get up and off to buy some bread for an unashamed bacon and egg sandwich. In the afternoon Lorraine and I drove off to Shoreham for we had M&S vultures from Mum and others and they were beaking through our pockets. We came home with the booty of a nice quality duvet cover and pillow cases, and a table lamp from Next.

Home, and Jess and Andrew came around for meal and have a look at the house. Lorraine cooked her acclaimed chicken, tarragon and leek pie, and I gave the ladies gin and tonic in teacups. We all sat about chatting and drinking wine.I like Jess and Andrew a lot, and find them sensitive and easygoing company.

Went to bed, discussing diets again. Lorraine had first thing this morning watched a programme on BBC one about dieting and answered complex questionnaires about why you eat and so on and came up with the astonishing diagnosis that we were fatties who liked feasting. Anyway, Lorraine and I have resolved to get back into healthy ways next week for I seem to have put a lot of weight on since new year, this in part due to the ghastly back preventing much in the way of my usual balletic cavorting. I also blame Lorraine who makes the kind of food you don't want to stop eating.

And so, rather gratefully, to bed.