Gardening and beers with Matt

Valentine's day today, and Lorraine with a day off too. As well as a card to my lovely wife I also bought on impulse some Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts. Krispy Kremes sound like something out of the Simpsons to me. We consumed these in bed, and welcomed diabetes type 2 into our lives with every bite. Unbelievably sweet things.

As for Valentines day, it does feel a little irrelevant when you have married someone and dedicated the rest of your life to be with them. A card doesn't really sum all that up, however nice.

A day of action in the garden. With Lorraine and I digging up a section of the lawn, and piling up the scrappy turf. The soil looks pretty good, although is chalky in places (unsurprisingly). Both felt very pleased with ourselves for this, and we were only at it for a couple of hours. The cats delightedly springing about the place as we worked.

In the late afternoon Lorraine and I went into town for an overdue beer with Matt in The Brighton Tavern. Really good to catch up with him, and have a drink in the cheery Tavern. We were joined after a while by Yasin and Beth.  Fond farewells after a couple of hours and Lorraine, Beth and I went down to the Basketmakers, and had a really excellent meal in there. Beth and I had really huge chicken burger things. Being in the Basketmakers felt like coming home.

Beth and Lorraine in the Basketmakers.