A slow Sunday lunch in Leeds

Up, fairly slowly, Lorraine and I able to sleep reasonably well despite the Dionysian throbbing coming from the nearby nightclub. This probably due to a bit of proper air obtained on the moors yesterday. After checking out of the Cosmopolitan, we mooched about in town for a while, pausing for a cup of coffee and to buy Sam some beard clippers, for his beard is on the wild and woolly side.

Then to the station, where we met First Matie, her brother Andy and Sam and Jade. From there we went to a pub called The Town Hall Tavern, where we had a good Sunday lunch washed down with pints of refreshing Timothy Taylor Yorkshire beer, one of which was the champion beer Boltmaker. Nice to meet Andy, who lives in Leeds having stayed there after studying history at the university some time ago. A relaxed and happy afternoon. A cheery roast lunch, which I followed with a nice apple crumble.

Then we all surged out into the rain. I nipped back and collected the case from the hotel, and returned to bid everyone fond farewells at the station. Kate off back to Hull, where excitingly she has just moved in with Nick. Sam, Jade and Andy back out into Leeds, and Lorraine and I aboard the train to Kings Cross.

I'd really enjoyed our trip up to Leeds.

A fast and unremarkable journey home, I was listening to my new audiobook called We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Fowler. Teeming with rain in Brighton when we arrived, and we waited in the long taxi queue before getting home. Betty staying at John's tonight. The cats pleased to see us, though Calliope did bite me for being away.

A spot of TV as we ate some cheese on toast, then couple more chapters of Kokoro before sleep and the joy of a good bed to sleep in.

Below me and Sam; Andy and Katie, Lorraine and Jade.