Toby, Pints and Peridots

Up early to buy some fixin's for breakfast as the Tobster was here. Had a leisurely breakfast, coffees and so on, and some discussion about what to do while Toby and Lorraine toyed with their iPads.

In the afternoon Lorraine drove us off to Steyning, where she had seen some little glass vases for our wedding.

Toby, L and I wandered about this lovely little town rubbernecking in the sun like tourists at the house WB Yeats stayed at for example, or popping into the local museum, which had many treats including a dried rats carcass riddled by woodworm, a skeleton, and all kinds of artefacts dug up in fields, plus two women who were a fund of local knowledge.

Emerging from the museum the weather had changed and after some wandering about, we repaired to a little café for scones and tea as the rain fell briefly but heavily on the people outside.

Then to a jewellers where Lorraine had been recently to look at peridots, which are a semi precious stone with a lovely green colour somewhere between olive and a new leaf green. There was a bargain silver necklace covered in them so I bought it on impulse for Lorraine, who was a pleased.

Then we dropped Toby home, and L and I did a hurried Sainsbury's before a chicken and salad repast which lined our stomachs before we sauntered off to The Basketmakers. Here we met Matt and Adam Bushell, percussionist extraordinaire (who had played on Clameur) and who I’d not seen for some time as he is now living (appropriately enough) in the sticks with his pregnant partner, who is also a musician and was working on a cruise for a couple of weeks.

A cheery, if rather boozy evening, with the Tobster enjoying himself and giving us the benefit of his opinions on Google dashboard, and so on. He scored a doner kebab on the way home too, which I am pleased to say that I narrowly avoided buying one myself, but I had a corner of Toby's one, and I’m pleased I didn’t go the whole hog.