Beer garden

Phew! Another scorcher! Lorraine and Betty off after breakfast to try on the dress Lorraine is going to wear when we get married. They met up with Dawn and Ellie and apparently the other ladies cried when they saw Lorraine. I am fairly certain my wallet gave a sympathetic yelp too.

I slipped off a little later to find Matt listening tensely to the last few overs before lunch of the first Ashes test match, which was finely poised, with England winning a little after lunch. Meanwhile Matt and I mooched up to the Batty to talk about his business idea for teaching singers before we were joined by John, happily now with excellent vision after having his two cataracts done but mysteriously drinking soda water. Lorraine and Betty soon arrived too, and we all had a happy time sitting in the sunny beer garden before Betty had to return to London.

After a minor Basketmakers diversion, Lorraine and I floated home where we wasted the evening dozing contentedly on the gold sofa.