I discuss the estate

Up early feeling curiously determined. I had a dream that I had at last been given a brief for a long delayed job, and felt relieved that at last I could get on with it.  Lorraine, up even earlier, bringing me the Godsend of a cup of tea in bed before I sprang into action.

Worked on the book for an hour or so, then into the outside world in the beautiful weather to the Twitten where I met a series of three estate agents to let them pitch to me and discuss the value of the property. All rather good salesmen too. One fell down the stairs and was rather shaken, but apart from this quite pleased to have got the ball rolling. All somewhat time consuming. From there, off to the gym, for another workout. I am feeling determined to get in shape. Something about this hot weather just makes me want to drink lager, however and I managed not to. Instead I was pleased to sweat off some of the inordinate amount of food and booze I'd had at the weekend.

Thence to Starbucks where I did some work in the cafe with a large cup of tea and a skinny blueberry muffin, which still has more than 300 calories, before returning home to carry on. Making progress, and have now started on a new section of the book all about endorsement.

Worked till early evening, and served up virtuous rice, fish and veggies when Lorraine got in from work, and we had a blameless night on the water. I went to bed feeling hungry.