John, I'm only dancing

A lovely day which I spent almost entirely at home writing like a mad thing up in the top of the house. Untroubled by cats too as both of them wussy with the heat.

Making really good progress on the book however, which is pleasing and also wedding and house stuff to do and think about. Started listening briefly to an audiobook called The Ascent of Money, which Anton told me about. It discusses the history of money, which is interesting only because I've never troubled to learn how banks got started. Perhaps this is the much delayed start of a career as a bloated plutocrat.

Off in the evening with Lorraine and Betty to John's party held at the Preston Park Hotel. Walked along with the ladies in long dresses through Preston Park and beyond to the hotel. Lots of friends in the party, John, obviously, and Matt, and Matt's parents Anne and Dave,  Tanya and Catherine, Guy and Tim and others I'd met once or twice. Nice chatting to these, and helping John to celebrate. He made a speech and seemed to be enjoying himself. He is one of those people who are unable to enjoy things like his party until he is looking back on it in retrospect. I handed him a sheet of paper during the evening on which I'd written John's Permission to Enjoy Himself. 

Evening ended as usual with Lorraine, Betty and a few other hardies dancing like mad fools. Particularly enjoyed dancing to the local-lads-made-good Rizzle Kicks, complete with strange arm dancing.

Below Brighton's Rizzle Kicks video which, frankly, is very Brighton.