Some are sullen in the sunshine

A busy day. Off to the gym first thing today and it was hotter inside the gym than outside. Had to stop lumbering on the cross trainer after 20 minutes as I was getting really warm. Moved on to weights as it was cooler among these onanistic strainers, then rowing which was cooler as it was closer to the ground. Home, changed and then off to London. Working on the train, and despite there being lots of free spaces a man sat opposite me and later produced a laptop and was asking me to make room for him, despite me using only half the space. Bizarre, almost as if he were trying to pick a fight. I think the heatwave is making people a bit crazy.

A lunchtime business meeting with First Matie, who gave me a handover of her work before zooming off to the forest to be with her mother tomorrow for her postponed hip operation (after Mrs Nasty the cat had scratched the operation site). News that Kate's mother now had an insect bite, caused tremors throughout the family but the operation will go ahead. We were soon joined by others from work. It was such a hot day everyone seems to want a cold drink, and I had some cold beer too as I didn't have to work in the afternoon.

Home after this, my diary covered in briefing notes, and home. Cooked for my lovely, and then off out again to a poetry event iOpen in Hove Market, the venue where few speak. Last night it was doubling as the single least friendly place I have been to in Brighton. Walked in and said hello to a person I have seen three times, who completely ignored me. Spoke to a couple of others who gave bare minimum replies. Few talk to each other. I dusted off some old work and read Someone-else's Patch and some other bits which went down extremely well but I left vowing to return, but it is good performing practice, as I am so rusty, so never say never.

Caught a bus home to my lovely, who was watching the detectives when I got home. It is the end of term, and Lorraine needs a break.