Summer Idyll

A pleasant start to the day, drifting off to Arkwrights to buy some bread for Quorn sausage sandwiches. Went off for another massage with Jewell at noon. Strange how I feel fleeting anxiety as the knots in my back and shoulders are released. I am a firm believer in this muscle memory thing.  Had the hot stones again. Drank water afterwards downstairs at Sundial as I was paying my bill, which was so cold it gave me an ice cream headache. Chatting to the receptionist and watching the invasion of  London hundreds swarm along Queens Road to the seaside to bask in another scorching day. Made me feel like a proper Brightonian.

Home and Lorraine and I decided to go to Parham House, which is stately home on one of Lorraine's regular drives. Beautiful day, which kept putting me in mind of the start of world war two. First there was a scout band who were playing things like Long Way To Tipperary, then there was the long hot summer's day, a Spitfire blue shy and the timeless country house setting. Nearby is a gliding airstrip, and every now and then a small prop aircraft towed gliders into the sky, which on release slid noiselessly into the thermals high above us.

We just drifted happily about in some exquisite gardens, ate some excellent ice-cream and bought a few meagre plants for our tiny back yard. Both of us yearning for a proper garden these days.

Home and Betty home too, and we ate a Thai supper together watching Wreck it Ralph, an enjoyable animation with a strong concept. We also ate the big bar of chocolate that Lorraine and Betty had regrettably bought last time they went to a supermarket together.

Below the beautiful gardens at Parham House.