New mucus

A smidgeon cooler today, after London had experienced some thunder. None in Brighton however. Went out for lunch with Matty boy, and had various wide ranging discussions in a little Italian restaurant while eating a sausage and salad combo. It seems that he will be staying in Strand on the Green for the time being, and not moving to Brighton.

In the afternoon saw Pat, who had taken a couple of months off work, and worked on coughing again, learning a few things, such as the fact that there are people in this world who study mucus, and when Germans say 'new mucus' in English this can be very funny.

Back to Brighton and straight to the gym. Again the gym considerably hotter than the outside world, felt very good afterwards for having done it though. Back to my Lorraine, who had cooked a vegetable curry. We watched The Returned again, which was creepy as usual and is absolutely crammed with ideas. This episode people are finding that they cannot leave the town they are in.

Betty back tonight after babysitting Oskar for Anton. Oskar had been wonderfully behaved, and Betty had enjoyed watching Harry Potter on the new all singing and dancing TV.