Feet in the sea

Much refreshed after the first decent night's sleep I'd had for some time. Off then first thing to the gym, where the pesky place was far hotter and steamier than the outside world. Managed to do a decent workout though. Loped back home and Pat and Maureen had arrived.

Spent the day hanging out with them and chatting about weddings (they are really looking forward to it) and eating chicken and salad. It was very hot today, and they have been watching The Open golf tournament for the last few days. I have not watched much golf, but got drawn into it. We drove Pat and Maureen off to the station at teatime, and Lorraine and I drove off to the beach at Hove. The tide was out and we had a paddle in the warm sea, which was rather wonderful and sat on the pebbles and walked about with wet trousers. Spoke there, with my feet in the water, to Toby who is now in back in Blighty.

Reprehensibly this all made me want to have a curry, as we'd not had one for few weeks. Had a chilli crammed curry, and more cold beer. Friendly place The Shahi, and a nice end to a recharging weekend.

Below a random phone snap of the sea in Hove.