Claudia arrives

Continuing a little wan after a poor night's sleep. Moused around getting breakfast quietly as Betty was sleeping on the gold sofa having been gripped by tonsillitis. Into the rain and onto the train, where I caught up with some more correspondence. Toby left this morning too, but after me.

Work fine despite a patience-draining teleconference. I really have to work at the client is always right thing these days, which used to come naturally. Slipped back out into the rain to score a salad, and then a fairly quiet afternoon, before I came back home, listening again to Brighton Rock. Enjoying this as a novel, if only for its description of 1930s Brighton.

Grateful to be home, and needing an early night. The house full of women. As well as my Lorraine, there was Betty still looking pale on the sofa, and Lorraine's niece Claudia on holiday from Finland. I am fond of Claudia. Looking up from researching unfeasibly high heels on L's iPad, she asked us what there was to do in Brighton. I gave her the usual list of restaurants, pubs, clubs, concerts and so on, but Claudia was after trampolining, which made me smile.