Narcissism and virtue

Luckily, after last night's revelry Lorraine did not have to leave at the crack of dawn today.

Once up, another great morning's work for me. Later in the morning I went off to the gym and had another challenging workout. I am so happy that after months of antibiotics and illness that I can push myself and feel okay. Enjoyed seeing a fatter man than me in the changing room, and became fascinated by a young Chinese man who was looking at himself in several mirrors like a complete Narcissus. Eventually he left as I was finishing getting dressed and so on. Five minutes later I found he had become transfixed again by the mirror by the door into the gym. Left wondering if he had a mirror at home. People do a lot of gazing at themselves in the gym. In the weight area the walls are mirrored and people watch themselves lifting the weights all the time, and when I lifted some weedy weights I found that I did it too.

To Starbucks, just down the road from the gym for a non-ideologically-sound cup of tea and a blueberry muffin. Bumped into Ellie Blackshaw outside, who was the original violinist for This Concert Will Fall In Love With You. Another good hour or so writing in the cafe, thinking about time and heritage in marketing. Then home to a quorn sausage sandwich and to Lorraine who was working from home this afternoon.

A much needed quiet night with Lorraine, eating fish and steamed veggies, feeling the virtuous tiredness that comes from exercise and hard work.

Below received notes from Richard and Jane, with a photo of the adorable Holly. Fifteen today.