Ticks and Thalis

This morning, I applied the desk manacles and began writing a website about parasites -- sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas for my lovely French clients. Found it a bit hard to concentrate, but forced myself. Lorraine mooching about at her own pace, then went to the gym this afternoon.

A pleasant day. Did a short walk after four, when the writing was done. Writing about parasites made me feel itchy all day. When Lorraine came home, we jumped on a bus and made off to The Bottom's Rest, where we met Innis and Rosie for a beer and thali. Had not seen them for a couple of months, and they had been in Brazil for a time. A lovely evening, and sensible vegetarian food, and a few beers. We left the pub early and came home, happy to be sprawling about on the gold sofa.