Tapping hard

Up with the lark this morning. I started work at 7:20. Tom arrived and went to bed after his night shift. I tapped hard today, reaching 40 thousand words on the Nothing compares to you story, and have been reviewing and considering how to alter the marketing project I'd called A Galaxy of Light-bulbs for Kindle too. First thing to change will be its name I think.

Spoke to Mum who was cheery, despite having to go off for a routine hospital visit.

Calliope spending twenty minutes biffing my ink pen repeatedly onto the floor.

Otherwise overcast and occasional light rain today. Most of it when I broke off for a couple of hour walk to oxygenate my brain up in the middle of the day, while listening to the audiobook of Carrie, by Stephen King. I see quite a link from Ray Bradbury to King, in the American flavour of the stories. More work, and then chatting briefly to Tom before he made off again in the evening, made a salad and relaxed with Lorraine when she got home. Watched the final episode of Mum. It did make us laugh out loud, and it was very touching.