Spidey sense

Up and doing some work for the French agency on a skin product for dogs. They asked me to do a few hours on a project. I struggled with having too much to do in a short time, and instead of getting on with it, I felt uncharacteristically bamboozled. Eventually I got it done, but it took longer than it should, and I ended up having to biff a meeting with Helen on the Centaur project.

Rebellious GI tract for the last few days.

At the end of the day I slipped into town, went to the gym, where I felt a bit underpowered, and had a haircut. Told the barber that I was going to vote in the European elections today, and he groaned.

Beth phoned as I was walking back. Her improv project has been green-lighted by the venue, and she and her partner start in September. Exciting. My spidey sense says this is the start of something good for her. Later Beth sent Lorraine a picture of herself. There are lots of apps these days that purport to show what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex. With a bit of stubble, she looked really like Sam.

Home and sat outside in the sun at six and read more of Matthew G Rees collection of short stories. Lovely stuff. Then prepared a salad boiled new potatoes and grilled mackerel which we ate outside. Then we sauntered up to the top of the hill and voted. Passed a man in a Guernsey jumper at one point. I should have said something to him.

Lorraine is one day from half term now. I think I look forward to it almost as much as she does.