A bit of a breakthrough

Up with the lark, as Lorraine had got up very early to go to the gym. I got working not long after seven on some stuff for Val in Paris. Lorraine returned home, having forgot her work clothes to change into. Once I'd finished the French stuff quick walk in the beautiful morning, before back to work on finalising The Inheritor, now much improved I think.

Received a letter in the post from Jeremy saying that he wanted to take my wee horror story The Dream Home for the next Frogmore Papers. Chuffed with this, as am seeing it as another sign that the horror route is a good one for me. A bit of a breakthrough.

To the gym at lunchtime, did quite a good workout. Home and more bits and pieces of work, laundry and other housework. Read another couple of stories by Matthew Rees, jolly good they were too. When Lorraine home, we ate in the back garden fishcakes and salad. I had to pop across to the cornershop afterwards, on the 30 walk home, quite a hefty migraine started, and I simply then lay on the sofas as the lightshow started, then crept up to bed at 8:30. Lorraine came too. I usually get migraines when relaxing after a period of tension, and I have been somewhat twitchy over the last few days.

Below Looked out this morning to see Calliope and a fox chilling out together in the garden. Completely relaxed with each other, until the fox went to sniff her a bit, and she moved towards him, and he skittered off. You can just see Calliope on the right, and a patch of foxy red on the other side of the bush