A cool morning. Up early and after some urgent scampering about getting ready, we jumped in the car and drove off to Gatwick. The roads empty as it was a bank holiday. A prop plane which only slowly climbs to 16,000 ft. A pleasant enough journey, despite the knee pressing seats. I felt calm on the flight, although Lorraine felt a bit claustrophobic.

Arriving in Guernsey in sunshine. A cheery lady taxi driver, and we were soon sitting outside the bar at the Barbarie. The entrance, bar and restaurant have all been redone. Quite smartly, but anonymously, in greys and topes and mushroom. They have stripped out quite a bit of what made it specifically La Barbarie. There are classical columns in the restaurant, what they are doing in a Guernsey country hotel is a bit questionable, and it is trying to be a bit Italianate, with a vinyl of an Italian maze in one part. When you are on the most beautiful corner of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it does beg the question why not a photo of St Martin's. However, it was comfortable and needed a refresh.

We sat outside on the new decking suddenly in hot sunshine, and had a glass of lager and a bite to eat.  Then to the room, collecting our bags, Andy, who had greeted us warmly, muttered VIP to the reception woman, which was lovely and we were taken automatically to one of the better rooms.

Then our by now traditional walk to Icart, and around on the cliff path for a bit. By the time we reached Icart it was a bit cooler and cloudy again, but it was beautiful to be back. We sat on our engagement bench and listened to the sea below, and the wind soughing in the pines behind us (when plane noise from the airport ceased). A lovely walk around, different flowers out this time. Most noticeable for me were the spikes of pennywort that were everywhere.

Back to the hotel, and I took another short walk to the graveyard to look at Gwen and David's grave and a general mooch about the area.

Lorraine and I had dinner at La Barbarie tonight. A good mean, and sat drinking cheerily in the bar for some time before bedtime, Lorraine patiently teaching me how to play Crib again. Below Liberation lager in the sunshine. L and I on the engagement bench, and the jungle outside some disused glasshouses on Saints Road. Other sights and scenes from our mooching.