A shareable chocolate dog

Up early and off to school with Lorraine this morning. Feeling a tad twitchy. I waited in her office, till I sat in on Max's class where they were thinking about naming and inventing a chocolate product. They had been studying the Mayans lately. There were a couple of chocolate unicorns, others notably was a chocolate dog in two halves, one half for you, and the other for your dog. Max is the only male teacher in the school, and I liked how he was with the children. I can only admire teachers, and of course my lovely wife. It is like being on stage, but all day.

Lorraine gave me a lift home at lunchtime, and I spent the rest of the day doing my stuff, although my brain was a bit disengaged. I was called up by Val in Paris, and there is some freelance coming down the pipeline towards me, which is good to know. Also a chat with Bob, and hoping to hook up with him soon.

Cooked a curry tonight, and enjoyed that. The football season is culminating, and went to bed reading about Liverpool's remarkable 4-0 win against Barcelona.