A day of friends

Up and working in a focused way this morning, getting everything in order. Extender legs were delivered for the table in our new craft room. This means I can work standing up on my glass pieces. All rather exciting. Made off to the gym, surged in a whipped off my trousers, and only then realised I had not brought my shorts. Gah. Had to come home again.

Chatting to Betty today about her plans to start an improv-based business.

Stopped work at five and went to the Preston Park Tavern. Had drinks there with my poet pals Robin, Sarah and Stephen. Nice to sit about gossiping, and catching up. Email from Charlotte this morning too, and she is doing a reading on Wednesday so will zoom along to it. Turns out Robin, Sarah and Stephen are going to it too. I was quite forthright in my opinions as the beer went straight to my head, but luckily, I was among friends so that was okay.

Then I jumped into cab and zoomed over to The Station at Hove, and met Lorraine, Beth and Dawn there. John's band Body Talk playing well, and it was all cheery. Chatted with Matt the guitarist, who thanked me for the stuff I'd done for their website. By now top hat somewhat askew, and jumped into a cab with Lorraine and headed home.