Sunday morning, got up fairly slowly. Unfortunately today was going to be a work day for me, due to the 'briefing in the spam file' debacle of a few days ago. Sian came down to see us today. Good to see her, and she had just been on a retreat that did her the world of good. I manacled myself to the desk while Lorraine and Sian looked at art in the Open Houses, in what was a beautiful day. Felt like I was being kept in for detention a bit. Work done for the day, I got a bit of a chance to chat before we gave her a lift back to Brighton Station. Later Sian texted me a link the Monty Python Spam song.

Lorraine and I had little food in the house, and so we went for a walk through the park and popped into Pizza 500. Just as we were leaving the park, there was a man sitting by the newt pond with a friend, spouting frankly mad stuff. My spidey senses tickled, I hurried us past. Imagine my feelings then, when the same man came and sat on the next table to us in the cramped little restaurant. He was harmless, but rambling in a content free way in cod Italian among others. I felt disturbed by him anyway. Lorraine felt sorry for his companion. 

Toby called from a sodden looking Toronto, looking forward to Romy being at home again.

Thankfully they rapidly left, and I felt a bit rueful. The poor guy was obviously ill. Lorraine and I then chose from a range of their delicious gelati, and I relaxed somewhat. A slope home through the park again, and I watched some of Match of the Day. Manchester City won the league, pipping Liverpool by a point. City, in their last game of the season beat Brighton 4-1. Nothing to celebrate here. Chelsea drew nil-nil. They are hard to love at the moment.