Wrapped up in words

Ken's funeral up in Leamington today.  I did not go to it. I sent a message to the Goodwin family a few days ago.

Otherwise felt buoyant from an excellent day's work. I wrote over four thousand words on my horror story. It is a strange business. It feels like chipping away at a wall, which suddenly gives way into a whole new room into which you step in an effortless way. Rather exhilarating. In the absence of anything else going on, at least this is great fun.

I also downloaded a simple app which blocks you when you try to look at facebook. I don't even much like facebook any more, but I find a kind of muscle memory makes me automatically click on it. This app gives you sterling messages about focus and not being distracted. It is brilliant. I found I automatically clicked on Facebook three times today, and was thwarted each time, and simply returned to work.

Went to the gym, but had one of those times where I simply did not fancy it, and felt weirdly hot when I started exercising. However walking there and back, means I have almost finished listening to Michel Faber's Under the Skin.