A spot of good news

A spot of good news... I got offered some work for next week, which I snapped up. Only a few days but better than nowt. Also heard that Ken had left me a small amount of money in his will, which I was touched by.

Otherwise I worked on my new story, and also on the Centaur stuff. I went to the gym and trundled  sweatily for a bit. Generally got my head sorted today. Cooked for Lorraine and we lurked inside watching an episode of Star Trek.

Today I discovered Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet today, a piece of music written by Gavin Bryars around a tape of a homeless man singing a refrain from a hymn.  He had been working on a documentary, and the tapes of a drunken singalong were left over. One of the men, a teetotaller, sang this hymn.  You can hear it here. It starts very quietly, and then adds instruments. I find it moving.