Gym bunnies

Up working on my long horror story, which I am storming on with.

Lorraine off today, but went to see Catherine this morning to discuss financial forward planning and so on.

The work I am supposed to be doing this  week was bumped by another day, although I was sent some background reading.

A poetry rejection, but an encouraging and positive one. There are tides in the affairs of Peter Kenny's and it is not going my way. Luckily I have iron discipline and so it did not affect me greatly.

Off late in the afternoon to Lorraine's gym, which is really a health club. Lovely place. We spent some time being gym bunnies. I did some trundling, and some weights and a wee bit of rowing. Sadly this last thing aggravated by back, so I had shooting head pains all evening. However we went for a swim too, which was lovely, followed by lolling in a spa pool, then dripping in a steam room. All very middle class and nice, and people actually spoke pleasantly to one another. A very different vibe to the one I go to.

Left the gym, and drove home glimpsing the full moon rising.

Home and a light vegetable and chicken stock stew. Lovely stuff.