Under the Skin

Up and working early. Unnaturally hot blue day again, with our weather streaming up from the equator. Worked on the horror project somewhat, also a day of friends getting in touch, messages from Adele and Yvonne, Shaila, Chris Williams, and emailing Trace.

After I went to the gym in the afternoon, I bumped into Neil Noon in Sainsbury's and had a half an hour chat about writing. He told me about a podcast that specialises in horror which was useful. Neil had a play on the BBC radio a couple of years ago, which I heard. He referred to his producer several times, which was impressive.

After the gym, home in the sunshine to some more writing, then cooking, and chatting to Lorraine. We watched an episode of Endeavour, the TV series which is prequel to Morse, and is set in the sixties. I have a soft spot for this programme, which is completely targeted at people of my age and above which is rather worrying. In this episode, a complex story of murder, a girl's school and the history of the Raj, England were in the background winning the world cup in 1966. This was an event of complete indifference to the Morse character, who referred to it vaguely as 'the football cup'. I liked that.

Have been listening while out and about to Michel Faber's Under the Skin, which I was reminded about listening to R4's A Good Read programme. It is an interesting book, being a literary kind of Science Fiction which touches fairly deftly on many issues.