Lorraine working from home today, so a bit of a lie in, and I wasn't out of bed till eight, just as Tom was coming in from his nightshift. Nice having her working downstairs while I'm in my study.  I continued working on the new idea I had yesterday, and reading over what I had written thought it seemed quite promising.

Then after lunch with Lorraine, I sauntered into town to go to the gym. En route I bumped into Di Turner at the bus stop and had a good chat with her. A cheeky half an hour on the cross trainer, and then to the Library to return Let the right one in and pick up two US modern classics of the horror genre, a collection of stories by Thomas Ligotti Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe, and a 60s precursor of The Exorcist novel called The Case Against Satan by Ray Russel both published by Penguin Classics. Also had a chat with Carrie, who works there and is a pal of Lorraine's from her singing days, and A Basketmaker's Arms reg'lar. We were talking about the library, where she works. Downstairs there are two divisions of fiction only, Crime fiction and Fiction. Carrie said Crime was wildly popular. Who says Crime doesn't pay?

Walked home with  horror books in my bag, and feeling cheerful, but soon I realised I couldn't see properly and then had the spangly sickle of a migraine. I got home and was told off by Lorraine for not calling her to collect me,  after a doze on the sofa I felt somewhat better.

While recovering I got a note from the editor of a long running poetry magazine called Obsessed With Pipework, accepting a poem I wrote last year called Thunderstruck, which was a cheery way to end the day.