Ended the week on a pretty upbeat note. Managed to pay off the outstanding tax, and realise that what I thought were two payments to be made were really one. A small step forward, but it felt good. At least I am not going to have HMRC hammering on my door. Also I should have some work next week too from my pals in Chiswick.

A note from Helen, liking what I had sent her for the Centaur project.

Worked on the horror story this morning, along with other bits and pieces, and then mooched off to the gym in the afternoon, and then for a change of scene worked in the non-ideologically sound Starbucks. I have written more than ten thousand words this week of the new horror story.

Home and really pleased to see Lorraine who had finished her half term. She was tired and grumpy, however a fast pint of beer in The Park View, while waiting for our curry from Red Chilli followed by some gold sofa time seemed to work wonders.