Tapas and murmurations

A nice day today. Lorraine and I up fairly late, and then sauntered into town for a general mooch (and to buy each other valentine's cards). We had a snack in the wee Spanish tapas place in the lanes which was fun, and reminded us of our Spanish holiday last year. Walked down to the sea afterwards, this was grey and rough, lots of gulls flying close to the waves, and the murmuration of starlings gathering over the water too, before they settle down on the struts under the pier. Cobwebs successfully blown off we zoomed home.

Read another story by Thomas Ligotti. Like his stuff very much. Then all my email accounts dropped off again, which was rather enraging. Managed to sign on to my bt email through a browser when I found a rejection note from a poetry magazine (only 5 months it took them). Both things a bit galling.   However, we watched an interesting documentary on TV about David Bowie's pre-success years.

And so to bed, where Lorraine read from The Box of Delights, we have almost finished now. Reading a book at night is a slow business.

Grey sea and If you click on the bottom photo you can see more of the murmuration of starlings just below the horizon line.