Horror is fun

Writing my new story for several hours today. Also listened to another excellent short story The Inner Room by Robert Aickman, and then went for a walk up and around the golf course on Hollingbury Hill. The Inner Room a chiller about an evil doll's house that becomes real. Gorse beginning to flower up there while listening.  Walking on the edge of the sloping meadow east of the golf course, and a long haired boy walking along in the other direction strumming his guitar who did not look at me. We were the only people visible, and it was one of those oddly dreamlike moments that crop up out of nowhere.

Lorraine had a parent's evening tonight, and so was late. I started reading The Case Against Satan, an exorcism novel written in the sixties by Ray Russell, some ten years before The Exorcist

However you only have to look at the news these days much worse horror stories. The imminent extinction of insects being just one of them.  Compared to that, horror is fun.

With time on my hands I watched a documentary about the Fyre festival. A business conman got supermodels to go to an island in the Bahamas for a photoshoot. This publicity was used to promote  a music festival. Unable to organise it in time, the organisers continued to dupe lots of rich young social media 'influencers' to attend. These unfortunates became a defrauded and charmless mob virtually marooned on an island in the Bahamas, even running short of water and so on. The poor islanders who worked to get it all prepared, have never been paid, nor have the people who were working for the now-jailed Billy McFarland.  

Spoke to Toby this evening, at home with a bad chest. Snow outside too. Otherwise he was in good form. Lorraine home late, and watching The Greatest Dancer to detox from parents evening.