Counting my blessings

Up early and did the smidge of work I had for my French clients. Lorraine off to school to do some filing this afternoon. When Sonia came, after a bit of a chat, I made off to the gym, and did a pretty good session in there and then did some work in Starbucks afterwards.

Gallingly the work I had been confirmed on yesterday for next week was cancelled. This left me feeling a bit cheesed off for a bit. However, I walked home and then after chatting to Mum made off to The Park View armed with the Thomas Ligotti collection and read a vampire story from it, and sipping a Guinness while waiting for my lovely Lorraine to arrive.

We decided to have a bite to eat there, and then sloped back home. By then I was over feeling peeved, and back in counting my blessings mode.