Small cogs

I spent the day quietly working, having at last been given a brief from my pals in Chiswick. A tricky job but work nevertheless. Only one day of it. However there is more next week apparently. Meanwhile my lovely French client Valérie phoned me from a sunny Paris with a wee job to do tomorrow. A sense that small cogs are turning. Managed a couple of hundred words on my story before the brief came in.

News from Trace saying she is moving to the Isle of Mull for a while, and we will see her before she goes. Lorraine home all day and pottering about at home. We went for a walk at lunchtime, to fend off desk DVTs. I worked till 6:30 and we had a quiet night in. Lorraine working on a fiendishly difficult jigsaw. I sat with her for a bit after work, staring at the pieces but after 20 minutes had not managed to fit a single piece.