Blue ice and blue skies

Lorraine keen to go off to the gym this morning. So I went to my gym for the fourth time this week, but once I was there I felt I hadn't much gas in the tank, so instead I sauntered home through the park in the sunshine instead. In the afternoon Lorraine and I went for a walk to Woods Mill, icy ponds there and snowdrops. Feeling for the fish shivering under the ice. We also spent time in the bird hide, looking at the feathery denizens of the wood, we mainly saw blue and great tits, robins and blackbirds

Good to have a walk there though, and lovely to drive through the country on a crisp and cloudless winter's day.

Home to roast potatoes and pork and a glass of wine. All good. Lorraine and I had a very happy weekend.

Below blue ice and blue skies.