Flip-flop weather

Slightly hungover this morning, after a night out with my musician mates. A glorious blue skied day, with temperatures reaching over 20C, the highest recorded winter temperature in the UK. As our M.P., the UK parliament's only Green MP Caroline Lucas said today, 'This isn't some jovial Guinness World Record. This is a climate emergency.' Trying not to get sucked into doomy feelings about a sunny day.

I walked into town at lunchtime, to pick up a prescription and return a library book, and also lurk in Waterstones looking at about ten books I want. Walking back through the park I passed a couple with a baby, the man wearing flip-flops and shorts. Bumped into Philippa from next door, who had just taken little Magnus to the cinema.

Chatted to Mum. Not too much going on. Also had a long chat with Bob, both of us with mixed feelings about the whole big birthday thing coming this Autumn.

Heard about the demise of Mark Hollis today, who was the key composer in a group called Talk Talk. Their later albums were wonderful. If you've never heard this piece called New Grass, from their last album Laughing Stock, you should listen to it now. Sublime, drifting and full of peace...