Horror and horrific football

As forewarned the work that was supposed to start today did not. However I pressed on with the horror story. Then went to the gym in the afternoon. Listened to my final and rather disturbing Robert Aickman story, Into the Wood, about a sanatorium for insomniacs set in the Swedish forest. I have now read four volumes of his short stories. I admire his writing a great deal.

Lorraine and Beth off to Basingstoke to see Glenice. Big day as Beth drove a hire car with them both in it back and forth.

I had the evening to myself, and started watching Chelsea versus Manchester United. After United scored two goals, I stopped watching. The current Chelsea manager, Sarri, is wedded to a system dubbed Sarri ball, and he has a very clear way he wants his team to play. This means he is playing Chelsea's best players out of their natural positions, and they hate him for it. He needs to go. Weirdly I received no text from Anton.

Recoiling from the horror of seeing Chelsea being thrashed, I read some more horror stories by the American writer Thomas Ligotti. Excellent, although sometimes the style is deliberately difficult.

Lorraine home safely, Beth having done very well. Tom arrived too, and chats with him before a glass of wine and bed.