Another good day

Raining and cool again today. The scary winter heatwave seems to be over for now.

Another excellent day's writing. I have a target of 80k words for this story, and I was over 22k already. I also went off to get a hair cut, and then went to the gym, and did my usual workout despite not feeling as if I had much gas in the tank.

Walking home, I was contacted by my old work pal Pat saying he had some work on a pitch for me next week. I am hoping, what with this offer, and the pencilled in work I have for my friends in Chiswick that at least one of them will materialise. This is good news.

Finished reading Under the Skin.

In the evening I went to the pig hog poetry reading, where Janet Sutherland was reading from her new book Home Farm. I am a big fan of her work, although have not read the book yet. Catherine Smith and John McCullough both there too, but I had to awkwardly say hello from afar.

Had a chat with her in the interval. I was moaning about having lots of rejections, and mentioned Magma as a magazine I could never get into. She said she was never in Magma either, and this made me feel much bolstered, as my admiration for her work is immense.

Grabbed a cab after the reading at 9:30 outside the station, as I was feeling a tired, and zoomed home to my lovely wife, and we watched Masterchef together. It is a formula, like all of these things, but it is a comforting bubble that lives outside real life.

Felt like a productive day.