Caffè chats

Some settled snow this morning, although the day turned warmer and it was gone from the environs of Kenny Towers this evening. Up early and on with a few bits and pieces, including a futile search for my Power of Attorney document. Sigh. Then after a smidge of my own writing, I went into town. First for half an hour in the gym, and then onto the Caffè Nero at Western Road, where I saw some of my stained glass buddies, Chris, Adele, Sally, Kate and a newby called Jane. Ben popped in too, which was great as I wasn't able to see him the other night. Very friendly as ever. Nice chat and Ben had brought in his first ever piece, which showed clear talent right from the start. A man quite tall and solid sporting headphones and dancing outside the cafe in the road and pavement as we sat in the window.

Stayed in Caffè Nero and met Innis, for a chat about our project and generally shoot the breeze about a variety of subjects. I bussed home, and spoke to Mum for a while.  Lorraine home at a reasonable time, dead tired though. Picked up a take away from the Red Chillies, and had a single pint in The Park View while we were waiting. Just lovely to spend time together.

Curry on the gold sofa, as the night cold and windy outside. Wondering how Toby is faring in Toronto as the temperatures due to the Polar Vortex, which sounds like some kind of SciFi novel from the sixties.

Below the view from our house not long after dawn, and the i360 looking pleasingly like a spaceship from the top of Preston Street.