Warts an' all

Focus hard to come by this morning. So when in doubt: tidy up. Have a  sort of residual organising impulse left from having done my accounts. Then off to the doctor, to have a small wart on my cheek frozen off with liquid nitrogen by the scary doctor. It appeared to be the morning when people had things frozen off them, for there were quite a mob of us. Mercifully fast. I went about for the rest of the day scaring children, looking as if someone had given me a good knuckling under the eye.

The gym for 45 minutes of stuff before home again. Listening to the charming Grayson Perry's Reith lectures as I lumbered on. Really like Perry's apparent lack of pretension and realism about the Art Worlds. Still not much gas in the energy tank.

After returning home, I mooched up to Downs School to meet Dawn, with whom I am going to do some work for a gifted and talented day tomorrow masquerading as a guru of things poetic and things advertising. Did some preparation, and wrestled with IT a bit.

Lorraine home very late, and very tired having been training governors in the evening.