Bath time

After a morning of purposeful shopping, ironing and tidying, off to The Bath Arms for a long and leisurely birthday Sunday Lunch for Catherine, who is 40 tomorrow.

As well as Catherine and Tanya, I met their pal Juliana for the first time who had drunk in the Bunch of Grapes, haunt of my teens. Also there were Matt, Wayne, Tim and Guy. Some really funny and interesting conversation, I find Catherine and Tanya refreshingly smart, and both are in the final stages of their PhDs and have giant brains.

A good lunch, and I managed to cram down some apple crumble too, a last hurrah for gluttony as I am returning to virtue tomorrow. We all sat about for hours companionably, just one of those days when I am so pleased I live in Brighton.

Catherine was bought lots of chocolate, Lorraine and I got her a phrenological head that as a Victorianist, we thought Catherine might enjoy.

Wandering back in a group through Brighton, saying goodbye to people on route, till it was just Lorrraine and I heading gratefully for sparkling water, and a quiet night on the gold sofa.

Below on the way to the Bath Arms we stumbled across a demonstration about badgers. Controversially, they are being exterminated to prevent bovine TB. I was handed a leaflet about badgers, but as much of it was written as if spoken by a talking badger I couldn't take it too seriously, despite liking the critters.