An oaf and a clown

Woke up after highly detailed dream about a colony on Mars, and how its occupants felt when the annual connecting space ship flight left for Earth. It seemed on waking that I had the plot for an entire Space Trilogy in my head, but this soon got replaced by the simple pleasures of lapping up a cup of tea.

Not long up before a random northern oaf arrived from BT arrived to install our new wifi with a free upgrade. Naturally he couldn't find the place. Phone rings: Where are you? Also he unplugged my external hard drive when it was still running and asked me where the main terminal was and repeated my answer that I didn't know in a frankly insulting manner. Pleased to see the back of the lummox.

A decent spate of writing, then off into town to pick up some printer paper and gulp down some fresh air, and buy some chilies. A man on stilts with a clown face walking down Sydney Street, but this being Brighton nobody batted an eyelid, even when he attempted to coax people between his legs.

Home again, and working quite well on the book. Lorraine in and out again to a meeting. I cooked a large chicken soup with leeks, butternut squash, and other veggies including chilli and ginger and it was tasty winter warmer. Went for a walk around the park and beyond in the dark to ensure that I had done my 10k steps for the day. Listening as I did so to Watcher of the Skies by Genesis, which I have only just rediscovered after decades. The seventies were interesting.

Lorraine home late and shattered.