On the cusp

Started the day with tea and a piece of toast brought to me in bed by my lovely wife, who then said there was news on the radio saying the Twitten had been roped off due to a suspicious nutter clambering about on rooftops. Brief visions of my purchaser, driven mad by solicitors, came to mind. Later a man was arrested, after what appeared to have been a night on the tiles.

Mooching about without being able to focus on the big stuff due to the house sale on Friday looming over everything. More dealings with the incompetent solicitors having to chase them day before the completion is infuriating and doesn't instil feelings of confidence in what will be the biggest transaction of my life so far. Off to the cafe to do some writing, then to the gym where I had a much better session that Tuesday, though still not up to maximum revs yet.

Home, ate kale and noodles, finished The Handmaid's Tale, which was excellent. What a writer Margaret Atwood can be. Astonishing and prescient.

A nice evening in with my lovely wife, eating a vegetable chilli of my own devising, and daring to feel optimistic about the house sale. On the cusp of making life a good deal simpler, which I am looking forward to immeasurably.