Slow progress

Lorraine up hideously early and away. Sonia arrived at 8 before going to the hospital to have her knee looked at. I made slow progress on the book, running into a slightly disheartening back-to-the-drawing-board moment for a particular section. At least I know what the book should be like now. But God, I just want it done with.

Otherwise I arranged a meeting with one of the people I met who needs a writer. Also received a book called The Imaginary by J-P Sartre which I am going to read as part of my general research. On a more practical note, I also had a spanking new electric toothbrush delivered. The cheap agricultural one I've been using vibrated my head so much that it messed with my inner ear and therefore my balance. While I was brushing my teeth I had to hang onto the sink. This one purrs in your mouth.

Watched a documentary about C.S. Lewis by A.N. Wilson, which wasn't bad but left you feeling rather short changed. To be a fly on the wall at the Eagle and Child in Oxford (known as the Bird and Baby) where Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and the others in the 'Inkling' group drank beer and talked literature. Nice boozer, which I visited once.

Lorraine home eventually, and I cooked some bits using our new griddle pan. Lorraine gulped down some wine and food, then was shepherded to bed for an early night.