Kale craving

A fairly relaxed day, although this gave me more time to fret about the house sale, and deal with the dribs and drabs of requests coming from the solicitors. Selling a house must be like childbirth, you forget all about the unpleasantness once it is done. The intermittent work in London this week, plus this background hum of stress is playing havoc with my concentration, so I am finding pressing on with the book difficult.

To the gym but am carrying some sort of bug at the moment and stopped after 25 minutes feeling a tad nauseous. Home via the supermarket to buy some curly kale which I strangely fancied. Had a concoction of kale, mushrooms, a few prawns, a chilli and noodles in miso soup. Strangely delicious. I must be craving kale. This has never happened before.

Home and had the luxury of an afternoon nap. Lorraine out late again today, but I met Anton for a drink. Had a really good evening with him, and we wandered into the Northern Lights, the Scandinavian Bar in town, which has a slightly Twin Peaks feel to it. Drank two vodkas there, one that tasted of berries, and the other of peppermint.

Home and scored a regrettable Ace pizza en route. Home to my baby and soon to bed.