Making it to the Batty

Up early and working on the book for some time, before shooting off to the gym for a workout to stave off festive plumpness. Also contacted by a former colleague, and it seems I have some work up in the smoke at a new agency next week. Nice to have Lorraine back from driving around the county when I got home from the gym.  We did some work side by side on the desks together this afternoon, until Dawn dropped by after school for a chat a gossip. We may do some more of the sessions for gifted and talented children next year.

I left the ladies chatting and walked up to meet Anton in the Battle of Trafalgar putting the world to rights for a bit over a couple of beers, and hearing about his opinions on Greek Mythology among other things. Anton's pal Martin turned up too, and I enjoyed talking to him about classic Science Fiction. Matt and Lorraine joined us too for more beer and some food. I had a bean burger, mainly of the broad variety.

I was enthusiastic for beer tonight. Once Anton and Martin left, L and I pushed off to Matt's house for a cup of coffee, and for Lorraine to tape two of Matt's fingers together in a buddy strap as one of them looked a bit wonky and may have been fractured. He also played some choral music by Frank Martin which was rather lovely.

Then home, where Betty arrived tired after a party. And so to bed, with my top hat slightly askew.