Nightmares again. Then up for two hours of drains based fun and two men running in and out of the house in the pouring rain with high pressure water cables, TV scanners  and so on. A very thorough job was done, and the drain working again finally.  All this, while essential, I'm finding mopping floors, and handing cups of tea to drain specialists is beginning to do my head in as I'd set aside this time to do some work. The afternoon better, and apart from a trip to the bank, I managed to do a small amount at last.

Betty's birthday today, and her pals took her to tour the Harry Potter Studios at Warner Brothers.

Lorraine home on time for once, and we zoomed off to the cinema in the Komedia to watch the three D movie Gravity with Rosie and Dawn. A fabulous visual feast, and a bit of a triumph. A stripped down, though dramatic, narrative that lets the visuals do the talking. Sandra Bullock who carries the film and George Clooney do fine, and The best use of 3D I've ever seen. As many have said, I've never seen being in space done better. A bite to eat in the Dorset across the road afterwards (we went to an early screening and the film runs at 90 mins) and a gossip with the girls -- and Rosie's latest romantic update -- before going home.