To Kent and more boxes

Up early and off to Kent in the large white van. The drive takes us through major roadworks at Handcross Hill. This morning the motorway there narrowed still further to one lane due to an earlier accident. It was on this single lane the van decided to not be able to drive faster than ten miles an hour, and changing gear meant the van moved at 13 miles an hour. A jam of vehicles behind us. As soon as we were able Lorraine pulled into the side. As it was a free help zone a highway support vehicle drew up and the man was very helpful, saying he called it clutch hill as it killed so many clutches. (Naturally as a non-driver I nodded sagaciously at this point, but he might as well have been talking Egyptian).  Lorraine asked him to escort us to Pease Pottage Services with his flashing lights. Turning the engine on again, however, whatever had ailed the engine had just as mysteriously righted itself and we zoomed off at 70mph. We stopped at Pease Pottage for a cup of tea and to gather ourselves anyway, before an uneventful journey to Lorraine's mum and dad.

A power cut in Ashford however, so Maureen had been struggling with the roast she was cooking. Lorraine, Pete, Pat and I loaded up the van really quickly and soon we back indoors. When we were trying to sell the Old Church Hall in the Summer we took lots of extra stuff we had in the house and stored it in Pat and Maureen's garage. Now we are taking it back, so Pat can park his car inside in the winter.

I seem to be officially one of the family now, judging by the combination of affection and tellings off I got from Maureen. Had an enormous and delicious Sunday roast, my pate piled high with food. And after a glass of wine, Pat poured me an enormous brandy which lasted me three hours. An enjoyable afternoon, showing them some wedding photos and chatting.  Maureen showing us the needle and sewing work she has been up to, making two washable blankety things for babies to play on. Enjoyed looking out at the garden, and had one of those fleeting timeless moments looking at some yellow pansies in a hanging basket, with beads of rain on them.

Home without incident, then the gruelling business of unpacking a vans worth of stuff back into the house, adding to the stuff I brought back from the loft. There needs to be kind of a cull. All rather tiring, and it was a couple of hours before we'd stopped carrying boxes about and shifting things.