Back from Narnia

So back from the emotional Narnia that was the wedding and honeymoon. For Lorraine that meant getting up shortly after 6:30 and driving off into the county for meetings. For me it meant the prospect of spending the next couple of days doing my accounts, and doing what I can to progress the house sale.

Broke off to go to the gym, and then pressed on with getting my accounts ready, looking at invoices and so on. A small part of me -- a very small part -- quite likes the necessity of having to do this once a year. It is a kind of spring clean and makes you feel rather virtuous after a while, and the feeling that you can account for yourself is quite satisfying. Although that is not to say I wasn't yearning to slip back into the wardrobe with Lorraine and dance with Mr Tumnus and the talking beavers again.

Lorraine home briefly this evening before going off to sing in the choir. I walked with her along London Road, and as I returned a back a fox scooted across the road and down a side street.

Below Janet sent me these two beautiful pictures she'd taken of Sheffield Park, that were simply too good not to share.