A quiet act of freedom

A slow start, feeling coldy and unwilling to spring about with customary sand flea vigour. Instead remained in bed till ten before getting up and going straight out to the bank. Here I paid off Lorraine's mortgage, having paid mine off last week. An amazing feeling to go into a bank sit at a desk, do some simple stuff on a screen and reemerge into the freedom of London Road having purged another tapeworm.  Lorraine and I completely own the Old Church Hall house now, and still have money in the bank for when we choose a new house in the next year or so. Amazingly fortunate. Like Borgs, Lorraine and I are stronger together.

Celebrated this transaction with a Danish pastry and a cup of coffee at the Emporium.  Otherwise a restrained and quiet day, with only a limited amount of productivity, plus an afternoon snooze. Listening to Morton Feldman's sublime Music for piano and string quartet, which Lorraine described as an annoying itch that you can't scratch when I played her some later.

Spoke to Mum and Mas who both had colds too.

After a happy glass of celebratory bubbly, Lorraine and I sloped happily off to the Shahi at around 6:30. I felt curiously ravenous, and we chatted with our friends Sabir and Dr Rahman there, before a returning for a night of recuperation on the gold sofa.